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** Introducing Give'r: Your Ultimate Event Organizer! **

Don't miss a beat when it comes to the special moments in your life! Give'r is the must-have calendar app that puts the "celebration" in organization. Seamlessly track birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more, all in one place.

"GIVE’R", from the Canadian slang for, "giving your all", is a service to help you stay organized during your gift giving calendar year.

** Personalized Wish Lists for All **

Gone are the days of scrambling for gift ideas! With Give'r, each event can be linked to multiple people and their unique wish lists. It's a game-changer for gift giving, making sure you always find that perfect present that will leave them beaming with joy.

** Stay One Step Ahead **

Keep your finger on the pulse of your upcoming events. The dashboard shows you upcoming events, up to 30 days in advance, so you never forget a loved one's birthday or an important anniversary. No more last-minute panic – be the thoughtful and organized superstar you were meant to be!

** Effortless Event Management **

Creating and managing events is a breeze with Give'r. Whether it's a family gathering, a friend's birthday bash, or a company holiday party, our intuitive interface makes event planning a stress-free experience.

** Share the Love **

Share your events with friends and family to ensure everyone is in the loop. Collaborate, coordinate, and bring people together effortlessly. With Give'r, creating unforgettable memories becomes a team effort.

** Elevate Your Celebrations **

Experience the joy of seamless event organization with Give'r. Say goodbye to the chaos and confusion of forgetting important dates or struggling to find the perfect gift. It's time to take charge of your celebrations and make every moment count.

Download Give'r today and get ready to embrace the power of organized celebrations. Start making memories that will last a lifetime!

Download a copy of Give'r from the App Store today.



Combatants... a card game of wit, skill, luck and determination.

Use the cards you are dealt to enter the arena and challenge your opponent. Shatter your oppositions cards to collect coins. Spend those coins to deal damage directly against the other players health. The first one to reduce the others health to zero wins.

  • Play solo or online
  • Gain achievements along the way
  • Become the arena champion

Includes in-app purchases.

Download a copy of Combatants from the App Store today.


Mark My Words

Yearning to find words? Want endless levels to compete against your word smithing skills? Look no further, Mark My Words is here to add fun to your day!

Mark My Words comes with two game types. "Classic" mode for those that want to take their time to find long words or to challenge themselves to clear the board of all letters. "Countdown" mode puts you to the test - find ten words per level to add time to the cock, then keep going.

Mark My Words uses Game Center to store and retrieve high scores and achievements. Participation using Game Center is not required to play the game but some features may not be accessible.

Download your copy today!

How to play:
Tap or tap & drag over bordering tiles to mark your words.
To submit your words for points, tap the last letter or tap the constructed word at the bottom of the screen.

Bordering tiles include tiles; above, below, left, right, and diagonal.
Tap on an already marked letter; other than the last letter, to undo your selection to that point.

Unlimited levels. That's right - each level is generated on the fly, never repeating.
Dark mode support.
No subscriptions, no in game charges, and no ads.
Supports Game Center achievements and high score lists.

Download a copy of Mark My Words from the App Store today.



Join up to 7 iOS devices by Bluetooth and or Wi-Fi to reproduce a gameshow like buzzer system. The experience has been fine-tuned to require as little on your part as possible. Simply click the “Connect” button and find a device running BuzzMeIn in your vicinity that you want to connect with - it could not be easier!

Download a copy of BuzzMeIn from the App Store today.


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